Our team is highly experienced at helping children settle in and quickly adapt to daily life in our nursery. 

General Information

Settling-in Policy

Leaving your child at nursery for the first time is stressful but by working together and exchanging information regularly, this difficult time will become a very positive experience for all of us. 

Our team is highly experienced at helping children settle in and quickly adapt to daily life in our nursery. To make this process easier we adopt a flexible approach where we recommend that parents spend the first day in class with the children to help familiarize them with the new environment, the teachers and friends. We recommend that the first day to be short – a few hours only, then during the following days the child can stay longer and gradually attend the full day session as registered.

If you are working parents you may leave your child, but please make sure that during the settling-in period you are contactable at all times. Some children settle down quickly and some take longer, but please rest assured that our team will take every care, and console and distract your child with lots of hugs and cuddles, but if this fails and the child is still very upset, we will call you. (Due to COVID regulations we be allowing only 1 parent to drop-off the child by the designated drop-off area)

Admission requirements

  • Registration form filled and signed by parents
  • Medical Form filled and signed by parents
  • All declaration and forms to be filled, signed and completed by parents
  • Copy of child’s birth certificate
  • Copy of child’s updated vaccination record/immunization record
  • 4 passport size photos of child
  • Copy of child’s passport with the visa page
  • Copy of both parents’ passports with the visa page or copy of the Emirates ID cards/ family book (U.A.E National)
  • Original Emirates ID required at the time of registration for enrolling the child with the Ministry of Education. (Mandatory requirement)

Terms & Conditions

  • Admission and Registration fee must be paid in advance prior to joining the Nursery.
    The Nursery Fee for each term must be paid on or before the commencement of each term.
  • In case of a cheque being returned by the bank for any reason, AED 250/- will be charged and cash only will be accepted in place of the returned cheque.
  • The Nursery will not accept responsibility for any returned cheque. Please keep a record of your cheques issued and make sure that the amount of the cheque is covered by your account balance.
  • For any cheque retrieved by parents for any reason, an amount of AED 50 /-will be charged. Parents must inform the accounts office one week in advance of the collection of the cheque.
  • If the fee payment is not made by the due date, the child’s place in the nursery will be canceled automatically.
  • There will be no refund or transfer of fees for any absence, holidays, withdrawal or any other reason during the term.
  • Payment Methods: Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer (Please contact the Nursery Director for details)

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